"See Chinese expand open attitude and reform"

The international community to actively evaluate President Xi Jinping's speech at the opening ceremony of the first international China Import Expo

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In November 5th, the first international Chinese import Fair opened in Shanghai. Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech, emphasizing the openness of the world economy to build inclusive innovation, expand the opening of new initiatives announced Chinese.

Overseas media and political and business circles attention and appreciation Chinese shared with the world the firm determination of the future, the release of positive evaluation of President Xi Jinping in his speech in the Chinese encourage countries to open cooperation, support an important signal of economic globalization, that the Expo has brought great opportunities in the new world, provides a new path to enter the market for foreign China enterprise.

China firmly supports free trade a new signal

Economic globalization is an irreversible historical trend. Xi Jinping in a speech at the opening ceremony pointed out that various countries to reduce barriers and expand opening up, international trade will be able to get through the blood; if the expense of others, isolated international trade will, qi stagnation and blood stasis, the world economy is difficult to healthy development. Foreign media that the trade protectionism situation, Xi Jinping's statement that Chinese firmly maintain free trade determination.

Washington Post reported that Pakistan's prime minister said at the opening ceremony, in the situation of unilateral trade liberalism and protectionism, President Xi Jinping on Chinese will not open the door shut the fearless people deeply gratified declaration.

Forty-eight UK club chairman Stephen Perry told reporters 138479.xyz said in his speech the President Xi reiterated that the development direction of Chinese has been determined. Meet resistance, China not backward. It does not turn to protectionism, but actively participate in the competition. Keep China is the world of globalization, Xi Jinping's speech was the new rules on the protection of the weak and stop the bad behavior of support.

Perry also said that the new trend of world globalization is unstoppable. Global trade should be realized and people's desire to help. As the highest level of foreign trade country, Chinese so carefully support for future global trade form, this move will benefit the world.

"Is interlinked together, with each retreat is closed." President Xi Jinping said in his speech, in the further development of economic globalization, law of the jungle, the winner is a narrower alley, inclusive, win-win is the more inclusive wider human right. The concept of mutual benefit and common prosperity, is to lead the international community, agree with, but also inject new confidence for the world economy.

British economist, University of Oxford China center expert George Magnus told the Russian news reporter said, "I think the Import Expo will be very memorable, nationalism and trade barriers on the occasion in the world, we can expect China."

In an interview with reporters in Belarus reported today, the Ministry of foreign affairs of Belarus in Asia, Australia and Oceania Affairs Secretary Sergei Terentyev stressed that at present, the trade protectionism in the world intensified, countries around the world have erected trade barriers, under this background, Chinese can still hold such a special import and Export Fair, not fair, with China this way to show the world its openness, but also that China ready to continue cooperation with foreign partners.

Open a new round of China world trade creates new opportunities

The reform does not stop, do not stop open. After 40 years of hard work, temper forward, open has become a distinctive logo of the contemporary China. Xi Jinping said open 52 times in his speech, and put forward a series of opening up new initiatives, reiterated the determination to open the pace never stagnant world. Foreign media and international believes that the Expo is organized into Chinese further open sign, which will bring great opportunities for the new world.

Yonhap reported that the first International Expo to clarify the China Chinese imports will further expand opening up. The well-known South Korean economic news website NEWSPIM reported that the Shanghai Expo is rare in the history of international trade on import expo. This is a feat as the world's factory and manufacturing country, export led economic growth by stimulating domestic demand China, evolving into real power consumption, while reducing the dependence of the degree of external growth strategy. In the future China opening up will enter a new stage.

At the Hongqiao international financial media and think tanks forum, former French Prime Minister De Villepin expressed appreciation for Chinese continuing further reform and opening up the determination. Poland Asia Research Center Director Patricia believes that Chinese has the ability to prove to the world that "do not stop open commitment is not empty.

Poland's former deputy prime minister and Minister of finance, economist Coward C said that the international community to see the Chinese expand open attitude and reform. He is a great admirer of Chinese made on Global trade and economic development contribution, and look forward to the development of Chinese can help more countries out of predicament.

"Asahi Shimbun" reported that President Xi Jinping that will further reduce tariffs, expand imports. "Asahi Shimbun" commented that in the reform and opening up 40th anniversary China today, will itself change from the world "factory" to "market through the Expo China opportunity".

Australia China Business Council Chairman, former governor of Vitoria, John Brumby published in "the Australian" 5 "China signed article International Import Expo is a vital opportunity". Brumby said, in the Expo is another important platform for president Xi Jinping proposed "The Belt and Road initiative to build, for Australian businesses, it is to the second largest in the world and will soon become the first big market to show their hitherto unknown opportunities.

The Irish Times reports, into the Expo is very great opportunity for ireland. Irish food bureau chief executive Mike Casey said in the Expo for those who have great ambition and Irish China relationship between exporters is a big opportunity.

"(in the Expo) in order to make our company with the Chinese company to create a mutually beneficial and win-win partnership, and make the relationship to sustainable development in the future. Irish food export growth has been 8 years, China therefore made a great contribution." "In the increasingly uncertain global trade environment, I welcome the initiative of President Xi Jinping, through a fair and open trade relations development." Mike Casey said.

In the fair for foreign enterprises to enter the Chinese market to provide a new path

China economy is a sea, rather than a small pond. The sea is in smooth water when there is rain. No rain, it is not the sea. Wild storms can turn over a small pond, but not over the sea. President Xi Jinping in the Expo opening ceremony speech in this presentation, the image demonstrates the toughness and the development potential of Chinese economy, foreign media have quoted by. Foreign media and international participants to determine the China market has a huge attraction and temptation, held into the Expo, to provide a new path for foreign enterprises to enter the China.

Bloomberg, for the Expo, the international business community eagerly look forward to. From more than 100 countries, more than 3000 enterprises to participate in the exhibition, is to connect the most populous country in the world, the largest consumer market". South Africa alone Daily said that the participants of the event that a huge market China population of 1 billion 400 million has a huge attraction to the enterprises all over the world.

In "the Australian" article, Australia China Business Council Chairman, former Vitoria governor John Brumby wrote down at the international monetary fund global economic growth expectations, global companies need to pay attention to the growth of a strong place, with 6.6% of the expected economic growth China concern.

Brumby in the "double eleven Shopping Festival as an example, said last year the Alibaba in the" double eleven day sales have exceeded the Australian state of Tasmania for a whole year of economic output. The world economic forum is expected within the next ten years China will have the world's largest medium income crowd, accounting for about 65% of the population China, which will promote the consumption growth of 6% a year, and in the next ten years more than $8 trillion. He pointed out that with the change of China to consumption driven economy, more new opportunities come to australia.

In this Expo is a major feature of both trade in goods and services. Brumby said, for health, education, legal and financial services, trade is related to people, rather than simply trading. In the transformation of service trade relations between countries, non-governmental exchanges is very important. Into the Expo this pioneering is provided for the establishment of interpersonal communication platform. "Now, and potential partners face to face to discuss the field is irreplaceable, which is in the Expo can bring opportunities."

San Francisco Bay Area Council of Economic Research Institute Sean Randolph said, China import market is so huge, as the government is open to the market, to solve the trade problems of inequality, this market has greater potential. He said that the import trade fair organized activities, to allow more foreign companies to obtain effective promotion in Chinese market, it solves the problem of individual enterprises to enter the market Chinese technology and policy, build a good path.

British daily reports, attend the Expo into British International Trade Minister Liam Fox said, this is not a common event, it meets the China consumer demand for more choices and higher quality goods and services, but also to the British China into finance, insurance, law etc.. He praised the Shanghai Expo will enhance the UK's international trade relations to a new golden age "". (Xu Xiangli was Shurou Qu Deng Wei Wang 13 days with the sea white summer Xuesheng Chu Yi Li Mingqi Wang Lei Zheng Jin)

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The new era Chinese provides new opportunities for the development of the global economy The attention of the world, the world's first China expectations, International Import Expo opening soon, the Huangpu River is ushering in the "not normal" historic event. 40 years of reform and opening up, the development of China I. On the occasion of the 40 anniversary of reform and opening up the historical node, as China's major decisions to promote a new round of high level of opening up to the first, into the Expo will further to the world that the firm determination Chinese reform does not stop, do not stop open. [details]

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