"We have confidence in the development of Chinese"

The international people hot President Xi Jinping keynote at the first China international import fair speech

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"Open cooperation is to enhance the international trade activity important power" and "open cooperation is to promote the steady recovery of the world economy demands" and "open cooperation is to promote the continuous progress of human society the requirements of the times"...... President Xi Jinping at the opening of the first international Chinese Import Expo keynote speech stressed in China will unswervingly pursue a win-win strategy of opening up, will always be together in the world open an important promoter of world economic growth, stable power supply, countries expand opportunities for energy market, global governance reform active contributors.

The international community in an interview with this reporter, keynote speech highly of President Xi Jinping, said the China Import Expo held further opening-up, promote global trade sincerity, will bring more opportunities for the development of the world. The parties will enter the Expo as an opportunity to expand economic and trade cooperation with Chinese Chinese, a commitment to the construction of an open world economy.

"Every country should not miss opportunities to expand and open Chinese"

The French agriculture minister Didier Guillaume said that the 7 District and city of the French delegation to participate in the Expo into, to domestic industries and resources, comprehensive display of the national image of france. "President Xi Jinping said in a keynote speech in the next 15 years, China imports of goods and services will exceed $30 trillion and $10 trillion respectively. The French and the world, is an irresistible temptation, will bring great opportunities for development." Guillaume hopes to promote more enterprises to enter the French market China, close the agricultural cooperation between the two countries, so that more French China high-quality products into the homes of ordinary people. "I'm glad to see China continue to improve the business environment, the simplification of customs procedures, reducing tariffs on products, this is good news for us."

The New Zealand Trade and export growth minister Parke said that the rules of the stable international order based on all participants are beneficial, it is crucial to New Zealand, but also the key to sustained prosperity in new zealand. "I admire China said firmly maintain the rules of the world trade organization, to support the necessary reform of the world trade organization, jointly safeguard the multilateral trading system. New Zealand is the first developed countries FTA and China signed, the two countries have a common support free trade history." Parke said: "China rules on the trading system and support the free and open market based, is one of the important reasons why New Zealand decided to participate in the Expo."

A total of more than 90 companies in the New Zealand Pavilion exhibitors, there are 40 New Zealand enterprises have their own booth. Parke said, we are very happy in the Expo on New Zealand brand made full promotion. Hope to participate in the Expo in New Zealand, strengthen between the two countries in the new relationship, to further promote bilateral cooperation between enterprises.

Italy Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of economic development, labor and social policy minister Luigi Dimallo said: "in the Expo is a good opportunity for us to develop the China market. Italy has a long tradition of creative industry and scientific research, is synonymous with fashion and high-end manufacturing; and Chinese economy is to quality development, Italy looks forward to become the ideal partner of China in this process."

Dimallo said that Italy is willing to take high-quality products for consumers to share China. Manufacturing, agriculture, food and professional knowledge are ideal both sides can deepen cooperation in the field. At present, Italy is an important trade partner of China in Europe, China is Italy's largest trading partner in asia. Italy to Chinese exports have a very broad promotion space. "We strongly support Italy enterprises continue to develop in China."

Morocco ambassador Aziz Mecual said President Xi Jinping's speech once again demonstrated our determination to continue to expand the opening Chinese. Chinese is one of the world's largest consumer market, it can be said that each country should not miss opportunities to expand and open Chinese. At the same time, Chinese deepening reform and opening up also provides support for the promotion of world economic growth.

Mei said Al library is pleased to see, into the Expo attracted so diversified enterprises and products. Whether in developed or developing countries, whether it is the world's top 500 enterprises and numerous small and medium-sized enterprises, all in here is very good to show their advantages of products. Into the Expo set up a platform for the exchange of equality, mutual benefit and win-win for all parties. He said: "China in bilateral and multilateral exchanges, always uphold the equality and cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win concept. I think this is very important, but also an important reason in the Expo can attract enterprises around the world come in a throng."

ASEAN and East Asian economic research center senior researcher Rebecca Fatima said that President Xi Jinping sends an important signal to the world, that is China in promoting global inclusive growth is a reliable and responsible partner. "President Xi Jinping's speech and expounds the important role played Chinese in economic globalization process. Expand opening, relax market access, promote international cooperation, the president Xi Jinping of these proposals are very constructive. He stressed the Chinese on multilateral trade system especially the support of the world trade organization, it is also very important." She said, held into the Expo is particularly important for emerging markets and developing countries. This is proof that China take practical action to promote the realization of inclusive development, balanced growth and common prosperity. "President Xi Jinping for all of us to show through the promotion of trade, expand the trust path to promote global growth."

"The role of play to promote China obvious to people steady recovery of the world economy"

The general manager of Spain Simon electric Asia Esteban Bretca said that the positive signal is the release of President Xi Jinping in his speech in the joy of Chinese will further expand opening up, firmly safeguard the open world economy. In some areas of protectionism under the background of International Import Expo held Chinese, take practical action to maintain the global free trade, is a brave and active measures of global economic development and stability is of great significance. He believes that hosting the first to import as the theme of the national exhibition in the world, to show the China government maintain a firm stance of economic globalization, China reflects the vision of the leaders. As chairman Xi Jinping pointed out that the economic globalization is an irreversible historical trend, open cooperation and competition is the motive power of social development, and Chinese has been steadily advancing the progress of human society efforts.

Brazil JBS group president of Brazil beef company Renato Costa said, "President Xi Jinping's speech is encouraging, role play Chinese obvious to people to promote the steady recovery of the world economy."

Costa said, China has become an important trade partner of many countries and regions in the world. JBS China export products accounted for more than 20% of total exports. JBS will make full use of the Expo into opportunities, strengthen ties with the China market. We Brazil beef in the future China market outlook very confident.

The French have dimensional group of commercial and industrial facilities and North Asia chief executive of horse caravan said that President Xi Jinping made an impressive speech. Ma Jielong believes that the opening has become a distinctive symbol of contemporary Chinese. President Xi Jinping showed the world only stimulate import potential, stimulate global trade, sustainable development, in order to make people get rid of poverty.

Ma Jielong said, President Xi Jinping pointed out, "Chinese economy is a sea, rather than a small pond." The sea is open and strong and attractive, the sea can withstand the wild storms. This sea China economy can promote the interests of the people, can drive the development of the world. He said, "the keynote speech of President Xi Jinping let us have confidence in the development of Chinese."

The French President Ma China Sodexo District Bowen said, after listening to the speech the president Xi Jinping, we China initiative to embrace the world and opening is encouraged, President Xi Jinping stressed the importance of open innovation in the speech, this is the development of ideas look far ahead from a high plane.

In the food and agricultural products exhibition, by nearly 30 small business small business development department of South Africa South Africa and southern Africa Shanghai business association organized the first delegation to the exhibition. South Africa's small business development department deputy director Cassel Mattle said, not only for the Expo held in Chinese, also offers a valuable opportunity for the development of South Africa, Africa and the world. To strengthen the cooperation of small enterprises is an important part of South cooperation between the two countries. Bring a lot of South Africa South Africa this exhibition specialty small enterprises. As of the morning of 6, South Africa small business exhibition has more than 1000 dealers to negotiate, and expressed intent to purchase. "I believe this into the Expo will give South Africa small businesses reap fruitful results, after every year we come into Shanghai to participate in the expo."

(reporter Guan Kejiang, Li Yan, Ji Peijuan, Wang Di, Huang Fahong, Qiu Haifeng, Kong Ge, Chen Zhiyuan)

"People's Daily" (08 November 2018 03 Edition)
(Cao Kun Chang, commissioning editor: Malaysia)

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