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In November 2018 08, 08:15 source: 138479.xyz International Channel

Editor's note: October 28th at 10:10 PM, Chongqing District of Wanzhou City, a 22 bus traveling to Wanzhou Yangtze River Bridge, suddenly crossed the center line, hit the car back on the road opposite the normal driving along, severing fence, crashed into the river.

November 2nd morning, Wanzhou bus lines Fall River cause announced, passengers and drivers of bitter dispute and melee losing control of the vehicle. Including the perpetrators, 15 lives fall, tragedy has occurred, leaving us in addition to grief, and thinking. The bus driver to work to avoid being attacked passengers, which can be used for reference the experience and practice of foreign countries? Let's take a look at.

The United States: part of the local bus driver for setting safety buffer

It is understood that the bus system of the United States by the number of passenger car service company. The industry of science and technology center, San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley area) as an example, the San Francisco Bay area is as high as 20 different car companies to form the public transportation system.

The bus driver of the pre job training is mainly divided into 4 aspects: safe, efficient, friendly and punctual. The safety in the first place. For dealing with emergencies, the bus driver will carry out on-site training. The training will be improved according to the actual experience of the year, and need to be updated when the bus driver's license, to supplement the training.

In safety training, the driver needs to learn how to identify whether the passengers carrying drugs, drunkenness, and illegal drugs etc.. The bus driver has the right to refuse the safety of passengers on the bus. In addition, if the bus driver felt a passenger's mental state is not normal, have a tendency to attack, the driver also has the right to ask him to get off.

In fact, the bus system in the United States, the passenger bus driver hit adverse events have also occurred.

According to statistics, in 95% the United States passenger bus driver conflict from booking. Although the ticketing system of the United States is fully automated, using prepaid card or cash car automatic ticketing, but passengers will have no money, not enough money, or automatic ticket machines use error occurs. This time you need to make reasonable judgment of the bus driver.

Confirm and request the United States bus system (Check&Request) "policy, rather than collecting tickets (Collect It)" in the form of. The rationality of the policy to allow bus drivers to charge passengers to explain, and whether to ask the passengers can afford tickets. The driver has the right to waive ticket, passengers or collect the tickets, tickets to avoid because of charges arising from the dispute.

Although the bus driver also encounter bad passengers attack, but on the west coast of San Francisco and the United States most buses for convenient driver operation considerations (assisted the disabled car, etc.) is not installed glass to protect the driver's isolation measures.

Of course, in the United States have set up a security zone for driver arrangement. For example, one of the United States of Losangeles's largest bus company, Omnitrans, in 2017, there were 15 passengers hit the driver event, so Omnitrans was added to the driver buffer 2 feet for the driver, and indicate the passengers can not enter, if any of the passengers or the law will face the risk of being sued.

Boston bus driver began to promote the semi open protection glass as early as 2014. Now most of Boston buses are equipped with semi open driver protection glass, the driver can be opened or closed. In addition, the United States around the bus will have plainclothes police conduct random inspections, to ensure the bus system of a regional security.

Take the bus in the United States have deep feelings, the bus driver to the disabled care. Each driver will be very active and enthusiastic help wheelchair car, and help fix the wheelchair, will be asked in advance to get off the station, auxiliary wheelchair off. This one takes 5 minutes, the other passengers will understand. In addition, the United States each bus can also carry two bicycles, passengers can take the bus bike placed in front, the bus driver can also seek assistance. The bus is the epitome of culture atmosphere friendly American local culture atmosphere.


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