The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: the maintenance of peace and stability in the South China Sea in line with the common interests of countries in the region

In November 2018 08, from 19:21: International Channel Beijing in November 8, according to the Ministry of foreign affairs website news, foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunying held a regular press conference today.

The reporter will answer record as follows:

Ladies and gentlemen good afternoon! Today is the Chinese reporter Festival, I wish all the friends and Chinese reporters working and living in China foreign journalists and friends happy holidays! I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone has always been to actively support the Ministry of foreign affairs reporter will work and participation, look forward to close cooperation with everyone happy!

I have two messages to be released today:

One should be invited by general Ji Bingxuan, vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee will be held in Paris on behalf of China to attend the November 11th Peace Forum and related activities.

Two, State Councilor and foreign minister Wang Yi invitation, German Foreign Minister Maas in from November 12th to 13th to Chinese during the official visit, the foreign ministers of the two countries will hold the fourth round of Sino German diplomatic and security strategic dialogue.

Q: on behalf of the Chinese Vice Chairman Ji Bingxuan attended the Paris Peace Forum in France, could you provide some information?

Answer: the first World War history of mankind is a disaster which brought great trauma to the world, including Chinese. In the war, nearly 15 million Chinese workers leave the hometown to Europe, and made an important contribution to the restoration of peace and post-war reconstruction, of which 2 million people pay the cost of life. China attaches great importance to and support the Paris Peace Forum in France held a 100 anniversary of the armistice. We hope that through this event, to promote the international community to draw lessons from history, cherish and maintain not easily won peaceful situation through dialogue and consultation to resolve international disputes, adhere to multilateralism, strengthen and improve the global governance, maintaining world peace.

While in France, vice chairman Ji Bingxuan will attend the opening ceremony of the forum, the Paris Peace Memorial war China labor and other activities, and met with French politicians.

Q: it is reported that Philippines's foreign minister Luo Qin said the day before, and ASEAN is China friendly attitude to the surprise of advancing the COC related negotiations, the South China Sea or will continue to dispute and disagreement, but should not hinder the efforts of all parties, carry out mutually beneficial cooperation in other areas. How do you comment?

A: we have taken note of relevant foreign minister lochen positive attitude. At present, in China and the ASEAN countries including the Philippines, under the joint efforts, the situation in the South China Sea to maintain the overall stability of the countries concerned, to return to the correct track and properly handle differences through dialogue and consultation, the COC text consultations continue to promote. Last month, the Philippines in the South China Sea issue bilateral negotiation mechanism for the third meeting, the implementation of "Doc" sixteenth senior officials meeting and the twenty-sixth joint working group will be a series of the South China Sea involving the success of the meeting, the parties will strengthen cooperation and control differences, the COC text full exchange of views. China appreciates Philippines in which show the positive and constructive attitude of consultation. At the end of the month, State Councilor and foreign minister Wang Yi visited Philippines, to strengthen maritime cooperation and maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea with the Philippines lochen foreign minister and other leaders conducted in-depth, friendly exchanges, a lot of new and important consensus.

The maintenance of peace and stability in the South China Sea in line with the common interests of countries and regions, is the common aspiration of national responsibility. China will continue to work with ASEAN countries including Philippines, actively promote the "pragmatic cooperation guidelines" consultation and sea, consolidate the current good situation.

Q: it is reported that 7 days, President Salvatore said that China will provide financial assistance to Salvatore for the development of society and science and technology project. Can you confirm? China is belong to after Taiwan accused China to draw its "allies" and the implementation of the "dollar diplomacy"?

Answer: first of all, I would like to emphasize that China provides for Salvatore's support and help, and claimed that Taiwan's so-called "dollar diplomacy" does not have any relationship.

In November 1st, President Xi Jinping and President Salvatore Sanchez held talks in Beijing. We issued a detailed news release at the time. President Xi Jinping stressed that the establishment of diplomatic relations, conform to the historical trend, conforms to the fundamental and long-term interests. China is willing to work together with Samoa, steady hoof walked quickly promote bilateral friendly exchanges and cooperation, for the benefit of the two peoples. China is willing to work with the government guidance, enterprise main body, market operation, the principle of mutual benefit and win-win, with the party to carry out cooperation in areas such as infrastructure, support strong enterprises to invest in Salvatore Chinese. China is willing to provide support to the party, in the areas of education, health, water supply, disaster prevention and so on, is willing to provide more scholarships to Samoa, strengthen cooperation in human resources training with Samoa, Salvatore will be listed as Chinese citizens outbound tourism destination. To promote friendly exchanges and cooperation between China and Salvatore are quickly.

As you mentioned, there are reports that China will provide assistance to the SA, I want to reiterate that, based on the relationship between political principles, focus on common development. From the point of view of friendship between the two countries and the spirit of South South cooperation, China is willing to provide assistance to the economic and social development of Salvatore. The assistance will focus on Samoa urgent livelihood needs, such as food, water supply equipment, disaster relief for poor students learning equipment, inclusive society and the ordinary people of Salvatore.

(Yan Meng, Yang Mu: commissioning editor)

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