At least 13 people were killed in a shooting incident in California bar

In November 2018 08, from 20:07:

Xinhua news agency, Losangeles, November 8, (reporter Tan Jingjing mountain) in southern California Ventura County police said 8 am, the evening of 7 in the county shooting incident has caused including the gunman and a police officer, at least 13 people were killed.

Police officials said the shootings occurred in the evening of 7 local time 11 20 or so, a bar and a gunman entered the County Thousand Oaks City, throwing smoke bombs and firing into the crowd. Witnesses said there were hundreds of people in the bar.

Thousand Oaks is located about 65 kilometers west of Losangeles city.

(commissioning editor Yue Hongbin and Cao Kun)

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