South Korean Defense Ministry: North Korea agreed to retain the demilitarized zone at a guard post

11 2018 08 21:20 on the source of years:

Xinhua news agency, Seoul, November 8, (reporter Lu Ruigeng Xue Peng) 8 South Korean Defense Ministry said in a statement, the two Koreas military departments have reached an agreement, will each retain a guard post in the demilitarized zone is not removed.

The statement said, from December 1 to the demilitarized zone garrison post demonstration removal work is proceeding according to the plan. The two Koreas agreed that part of all continue to preserve the value of the guard post, the two sides will each choose a post to keep the object out of the outpost's troops and weaponry, save the original form of facilities do not be destroyed.

According to the statement, South Korea chose to keep the distance along the eastern coast of peninsula recent post, the first post is built in 1953 after the signing of the Korean Armistice agreement. South Korean Defense Ministry said the reason choose to keep the post one is considering its historical and symbolic significance, on the other hand, taking into account the future which can be used for the cause of peace. North Korea will choose to keep a post located in the intermediate zone.

South Korea also said that inter Korean military departments will continue to be mutual recognition and management, ensure the retention of post facilities can not be used for military purposes.

In October 26th, North Korea at Panmunjom North Korea side of the unified court at general level military talks, agreed to the withdrawal of personnel and equipment near the border guard outpost 11 non military area, and at the end of November before the complete withdrawal of the post, the two sides will through mutual inspection in December, the final confirmation of the relevant evacuation measures to be completed before the end of the year.

(Yan Meng, Yang Mu: commissioning editor)

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