The expansion of open cooperation to share the fruits of development

The international people hot President Xi Jinping at the opening ceremony of the keynote speech at the first China International Import Expo

11 month 2018 years 09 days from 04:27: People's daily

"China international import fair by Chinese organized by the World Trade Organization and other international organizations and many countries to participate, not China solo, but the chorus." President Xi Jinping in the first China International Import Expo opening ceremony keynote speech pointed out that this session of the Expo to import new era, sharing the future "as the theme, is to welcome friends from all over the world, grasp the opportunity Chinese a new era of development, deepen international economic cooperation and achieve common prosperity and progress. Foreign experts interviewed said that the keynote speech of President Xi Jinping indicated that Chinese is a staunch force for the multilateral trading system and support the development of economic globalization, the Expo is held in China, with practical actions to promote the common development and win-win cooperation, the world.

China's impact on the global economy so that the policy has a strong demonstration

"China launched a series of concrete measures to expand the opening, not only shows that China's economic development is the transformation and upgrading, but also reflects China to establish a fair, balanced, mutually beneficial international trade relationship commitment." The European Union Trade Organization consultant Daniel Basso said in an interview with reporters, President Xi Jinping at the opening of the Import Expo keynote speech to release a positive signal to the world, to alleviate the current international trade disputes, strengthen their business confidence and enhance mutual trust plays an important role, China influence on the global economy so that the policy has a demonstration very strong, as a new policy innovation, organized into the Expo will have a positive spillover effect.

President Xi's speech to boost confidence." Egypt Hull million university political professor Hisham said the reporter, "especially in the current international unilateralism and protectionism, Chinese open to the world, made clear to promote free trade development China position."

The United States Microsoft Corp chairman and CEO of Greater China, Ke Ruijie proposed to President Xi Jinping's "economic globalization is an irreversible historical trend for world economic development provides a strong driving force very much agree with. He said: "that economic and trade development rule, globalization can give countries bring more broad market opportunity, wisdom exchanges and technical cooperation more widely, and provide a strong impetus for the development of science and technology innovation."

"President Xi Jinping keynote speech at the opening ceremony, clearly and firmly that the China attitude: China will continue to adhere to and expand the opening, in order to maintain an open and free global trade." Asian Development Bank Institute UniPlus River Hong told reporters that China is a leading strength in Asia countries, held the Import Expo also shows that China pay more attention to the problem of trade balance to strong economic development, more benefit in Asia and the world.

Kazakhstan Chinese Trade Promotion Association President Hanat Besek told reporters that President Xi Jinping proposed the open world economy to build inclusive innovation in his speech, let all the people share the achievements of economic globalization and world economic growth. This conforms to the trend of the world economic development, but also conforms to the common interests of most countries. Besek believes in Import Expo opening ceremony speech, President Xi Jinping put forward a series of important initiatives aimed at promoting the opening of the market, this is a major policy statement Chinese to open up the market, but also support the action of economic globalization. These initiatives will help to strengthen the China from world trade partners exchange, helps to attract foreign enterprises and products to enter the market Chinese, so as to achieve mutual benefit and common development, fully demonstrated the Chinese as defenders of the free trade order image.

Kazakhstan - German university international experts Igori Ivanov told reporters: "the construction of an open world economy with the economic globalization and the trend of historical development. Protectionism is obsolete." The future, only countries actively participate in the economic globalization, efforts to attract foreign investment and protection to seize the historic opportunity to achieve development and prosperity.

In order to promote the world economic and trade exchanges and cooperation to set up a huge open cooperation platform

Italy China association secretary general Marco Bertin said, provides a unique and rare opportunity for the first Chinese international import Fair for all countries in the world, built a huge open cooperation platform to promote economic and trade exchanges and cooperation in the world, this is the important measure of economic development conform to the tide of economic globalization, let the world to share bonus. Nowadays, many companies in Italy to enter the Asian market Chinese especially eager for a fight. For many enterprises in Italy, this event is to enter the Chinese, into the global vision, let consumers understand the China opportunity not to be missed by Italy commodity.

Director of the Egyptian "news" and the Arabia foreign affairs Husam Eid spoke highly of Chinese contribution to world development. He told reporters that the Expo is held China import step to further open, there are opportunities for the World Expo, in its high quality products, open up Chinese market provides an excellent opportunity for the exhibition of Egypt, which will help to promote in trade with China to promote bilateral trade balance, trend.

Pakistan Independent News Agency reporter Zamir Asadi has deep feeling of the change and development of China in recent years. He said that President Xi Jinping in the Expo keynote speech at the opening ceremony to the international community to pass a clear message that protectionism and unilateralism will not succeed, will not bring benefits to the world. Chinese Import Expo held, to build a platform for countries to help maintain the balance of trade, trade partners, and to encourage countries to increase exports to China, this is an important contribution to the China as to promote the common development of all countries. China actively improve their level of opening up, on the one hand will enable the international community to better understand the development path of China, on the other hand, will also help developing countries Chinese growth and innovation mode.

On the Far East Han national South University professor Li Xiangwan told reporters, open cooperation is conducive to enhancing regional economic vitality, "Chinese International Import Expo to show Chinese open market and expand free trade efforts and determination, has become an important opportunity to open up new China free trade development space."

The former Spanish Embassy Commercial Counselor Enrique Fanjul said in an interview with reporters, to provide a display of their products and services to the Chinese market platform for the Import Expo exhibitors from all over the world, to create a Chinese and expand economic and trade cooperation opportunities for foreign enterprises. President Xi Jinping put forward in his speech, the next 15 years, China imports of goods and services will exceed $30 trillion and $10 trillion. This boost to the confidence of the business community, to promote the development of Global trade be of great advantage.

As an important trade partner of China in central and Eastern Europe, Czech and the Expo into attention, set up by the Ministry of industry and trade, the Ministry of foreign affairs, the Ministry of agriculture and local development, interdepartmental group. Exchange center of Czech Charlie University in the Czech executive director Milos Balaban said: "the host Import Expo is not only Chinese things, the world is more understanding China market opportunities, embodies the China unswervingly promote the global free trade position and determination. In today's trade protectionism under the background of economic globalization, China firmly push forward the world undoubtedly set a good example."

(Brussels, Cairo, Washington, Tokyo, Almaty, Rome, Islamabad, Seoul, Madrid, Warsaw electric reporter Zheng Bin, Huang Peizhao, Zhou Zhou, Zhang Niansheng, Liu Junguo, Zhou Hanbo, Ye Qi, Ding Xuezhen, Jiang Bo, Yu Yang, Chen hisafumi)

"People's Daily" (09 November 2018 03 Edition)

(Yuan Bo Chang, commissioning editor: Malaysia)

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