Yang Jiechi met with the president of the United States national security adviser Bolton

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Washington, November 7 Xinhua (reporter Zhang Niansheng, Gao Shi) local time on November 7th, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and director of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the office of Yang Jiechi met with U.S. President Barack Bolton at the White House National Security adviser.

Yang Jiechi said that the Sino US relations have maintained healthy and stable development, conforms to the fundamental interests of the two peoples and the peoples of the world. Since the new American administration took office, keep close communication with President Xi Jinping and President Trump through meetings, telephone calls and correspondence. Provide strategic guidance for the relations between the two countries. The two heads of state in November 1st once again calls on the important issue of Sino US relations and common concern in-depth exchange of views and agreed to meet in Argentina during the twenty G20 leaders summit. 9 this month, the second round of Sino US diplomatic security dialogue will do the preparatory work for the two heads of state meeting in Argentina. The two sides should follow the important consensus reached by the two heads of state, strengthen communication and coordination, promote dialogue and cooperation, properly manage differences, carefully prepared, to ensure that the two heads of state meeting in Argentina achieved positive results.

Yang Jiechi pointed out that China will firmly safeguard and promote world peace and development, but also hope that countries make efforts to this end. Strategic mutual trust is a fundamental issue related to the long-term development of Sino US relations. China economic development and economic prosperity of the United States mutual opportunities. China is committed to work together with the United States, and strive to achieve the conflict is not confrontation, mutual respect, cooperation and win-win. The Taiwan issue is the core issue in Sino US relations are the most important and the most sensitive, hope the United States will abide by the provisions of a China principle and the three Sino US joint communiques, and properly handle Taiwan related issues. The essence of Sino US economic and trade relations are mutually beneficial and win-win. The two sides through equal and mutually beneficial negotiations together to find a proper solution. The two sides should strengthen the armed forces, counter-terrorism, law enforcement, narcotics, humanities, where bilateral and major international and regional cooperation on the issue, more and better benefit the two peoples and the peoples of the world.

Mr Bolton said President Trump is looking forward to attending the meeting with President Xi Jinping in Argentina, the leaders of the group of twenty summit. The United States is willing to maintain close communication, careful preparation, to promote the meeting between the two heads of state to achieve positive results. The United States held the two round of diplomatic security dialogue, enhance strategic mutual trust, is conducive to the two heads of State met in Argentina to prepare. The United States is willing to work with China on bilateral relations and major international and regional issues to strengthen communication and cooperation, promote more progress and achievements.

"People's Daily" (11 may 2018 years 09, 03 Edition)
(Cao Kun Chang, commissioning editor: Malaysia)

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