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Foreign dignitaries and scholars praised the far-reaching impact of reform and opening up Chinese


11 month 2018 years 09 days from 04:50: People's daily

Recently, the Ministry of foreign affairs in the office of the Commissioner of the United better HK foundation, held International Symposium on 40 anniversary of reform and opening up. This is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Commissioner in Hongkong held the first large-scale international symposium in Hongkong. From Chinese, France, Japan, the United States, Britain, Indonesia and other countries of the former politicians, officials, well-known experts and scholars from all walks of life on behalf of more than 300 people together to review the great course of a gathering of many people, China of reform and opening up, explore the world significance of reform and opening up, to create wonderful views and ideas.

About 1/10 the world out of poverty is a great contribution

President Xi Jinping at the Boao forum for Asia pointed out that a country or a nation wants to develop, must be in the history of logic in advance, in the trend of the times in the development. Former Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukio believes that this reflects the strong will of China along the road of reform and opening to continue. The Communist Party of China since eighteen, China indeed adopted a series of deepening reform and opening up new measures.

Former French Prime Minister De Villepin said, although China also accompanied by some problems in great changes, but always time to make the necessary changes, reduce the risk and negative effects. China is striving to promote the economic development mode from export-oriented to domestic demand and high quality growth, to achieve a more sustainable growth, and establish a balanced and stable model for the world, also want to maintain open economy and safeguard the sovereignty of the Latin American and African countries provided new options for development.

The famous American China expert He Hanli said, because of the reform and opening up across the "poverty trap" China, become in high income countries, we should pay attention to avoid the "middle income trap". China now facing internal and external environment is different from 40 years ago, requires great political courage and strong sense of responsibility, continue to promote the reform and opening up, to take effective measures to protect intellectual property rights, to relax the market access of foreign investment, to consolidate and expand the outside of the Chinese economic policy support.

The former US trade representative Barshefsky said, China WTO is through its opening, reform efforts. China after joining the WTO to achieve a more robust growth, the current China PPP accounted for the proportion of 19% of world economy, has become the biggest exporter and industrial country. About 1/10 of the world population out of poverty, which is a great contribution to the world.

The reform and opening up has opened deep ideological revolution

"No Chinese development miracle accident, is the result of the combination of vision and pragmatic." De Villepin said, "China policy continuity, generation after generation of people, brought people a real change."

He said Chinese Han Li, thanks to the success of China leaders unusual vision and effective political leadership.

University of Cambridge professor Martin Jacques said that the reform and opening up Chinese opened a deep ideological revolution, Chinese gives people a better life, make them full of vitality, the courage to change, more open, good at learning, full of curiosity and ambition. China did not wish go as western western capitalism, but stick to the road of socialism and the success of China. China road is not "black or white", but based on the history and culture and fully inclusive and equitable political system. This is for the world to provide a new choice. Today, the West more and more need to learn from China.

Hatoyama Yukio cited Chinese poetry said, "not a single flower in spring, spring garden, Chinese All flowers bloom together." reform and opening up has a significant positive impact on neighboring countries, Japan cooperation has brought tangible benefits to the people of both sides. Indonesia said the center for strategic and international studies, the founder of Wanandi, the reform and opening up is China for Asian gift, East Asian countries to seize opportunities and Chinese with the development and progress, the East Asia has become the world's fastest growing region, provides a model for the development of other emerging economies in the world.

The reform and opening up that the world should promote cooperation, reform

Hatoyama Yukio said that President Xi Jinping proposed the "The Belt and Road" initiative to help developing countries in Asia and Europe to strengthen infrastructure interoperability, promote the development and prosperity of the countries along, build a community of destiny, his heartfelt support for this initiative. Recently, Japan expressed to strengthen cooperation with China in the "The Belt and Road" under the framework of the desire, comforting, he also sincerely hope that Japan as soon as possible to join the Asian infrastructure investment bank.

De Villepin said, "The Belt and Road" to promote China to lead the new era of economic globalization, Chinese in different countries, ethnic groups and between enterprises to establish contact, the construction of cooperative partnership is the key to the success of The Belt and Road ".

De Villepin believes that the global confrontation, dynamic economic globalization subsided, isolationism and egoism up is one of the world's three major risks. He said that the reform and opening up China world, should cooperate to promote reform and to resist the risk. Wanandi said, China was not to overthrow the existing international order, but through new initiatives, new international cooperation, complement system. Chinese proposed "The Belt and Road" initiative, the establishment of Asian investment banking, promoting global infrastructure, finance, trade, social development and cultural cooperation in the field of strategic. China pledged to promote economic globalization, the development of an open economy, maintaining multilateralism, these principles to maintain the existing international order, to promote the importance of international peace and development area.

"People's Daily" (11 2018 09 21 on April edition)

(Fan Haixu Chang, commissioning editor: Malaysia)

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