In the northern part of South America Guyana, China enterprises produce a propulsion facility Unicom, connected to the people: "report card"

Not difficult to warm hand to pave the way

Newspaper in Guyana correspondent Zhu Dongjun Chen Xiaowei

In November 2018 09, 04:50 source: People's daily

Upgrade project construction site at Gui A Leonard Mohlala east coast road, China workers to explain the technical essentials of workers in Guyana.
Newspaper reporter Zhu Dongjun photo

The upgrading project of laboratory in the east coast road Dermot Lara, Chinese staff to the Guyana staff on how to operate the equipment.
Newspaper reporter Zhu Dongjun photo

Driving a truck in the construction of access roads after the completion of the amaila hydropower station.
Newspaper reporter Chen Xiaowei photo

The difficulties in the dangerous environment to overcome the obstacles of construction, the completion of the general contractor impossible task in just 7 months

The line of dust, supervised each procedure, all the evaluation results was excellent"

The teaching difficulty construction method, promote local manual operation of Captain


"Traffic on the basic walk, communication basically rely roar", this is a true portrayal of our work in the tropical rain forest." General manager of China Railway Bureau of Guyana Wang Yiwei told reporters said: "however, the most difficult thing is to face all kinds of danger. In cleaning up the site, Puma in the forest "shadow", sleep at night after was a vampire bat bite could not stop the blood, when the morning boots occupy a snake. All of these, we all survived!"

In the Amazon rainforest in Guyana, China enterprises to overcome unimaginable difficulties, to promote infrastructure Unicom, the people connected to the report". "The most efficient contractor!" When the chief engineer of Guyana Engineering Department Wouter Willis said.

"Chinese completed a general contractor mission impossible"

"We won the bid for the 2008 amaila hydropower station project, the contract amount of $506 million, the installed capacity of 165.95 mw. But because of the way into the rainforest is not smooth, can't start." Wang Yiwei said. To build hydropower station, need to repair the road into the forest. This road is 160 km long, 2010 by Guyana construction, but the local contractor changed 3 times, took 3 years, haven't finished, finally had to shut down. "The last 60 kilometers too difficult to repair, engineering geological conditions near the mountains, especially complex, both swamp, and stone. This project is investment in the United States, the United States and the last party together, to complete the rest of the invited Chinese road construction." Wang Yiwei said.

"Every day we will encounter all sorts of difficulties. The project across the more than 60 large and small rivers. We have a small creek culvert repairing, met ten meters wide river bridge, encountered a drop in elevation to fill, but when the stone can bypass." Wang Yiwei was not without emotion. There are two rainy seasons in Guyana every year, the road on the mountainside is easy to be destroyed, a Railway Bureau on the ridge road, also increased the difficulty of construction. "In order to complete the work on time, we even in rainy days -- the sun spread out Subgrade after drying, drying quickly pressure."

Compared with the construction difficulties in the tropical rainforest is daunting, poisonous viper. Once, in charge of production manager He Xiaoming wearing the pants on the window, suddenly felt the leg by sting, quickly shot, that is a large scorpion. Half an hour later, he appeared symptoms of poisoning, coma. "I drove into the camp was then loaded on him, turn around and go back. Contact China medical aid to Guyana on our way, after the arrival of the first time to understand the poison injection of Xiao ming. 3 morning, his burning slowly back down. The doctor said, a little bit late again too late. 3 days later, he recovered." Wang Yiwei has been recalled still haunt.

Is in such dangerous environments, in just 7 months time, China Railway Bureau took the remaining 60 km road repair. Willis said: "Chinese completed a general contractor mission impossible."

"Chinese not only pay attention to the speed, also attaches great importance to quality"

In the eastern part of Guyana's capital Georgetown, the upgrading of China Railway Bureau is the east coast road Dermot lara. This road connects Guyana and neighboring Suriname, economic development of the two countries. The construction of a Railway Bureau projects up to 17 km, including sections of two lanes four lane and two lane road renovation, will benefit along a population of about 350 thousand, accounting for 45% of the total population of Guyana. Because the road surrounding commercial and residential intensive, before the start of the project will face no small pressure.

In the start of the project, there is a shop. "To build a concrete drain road before, to dig out the store in front of the drainage trench and wood shoofly. The bridge is broken because the shops would have to go out of business, the owner said do not agree with what. When we talk about people not see the shopkeeper." The project manager Wang Huiqiang reluctantly told reporters.

The project has to be stopped. Wang Huiqiang and his colleagues found Guyana engineering department responsible person and the person in charge of the community, and the forum. They told the owner, to repair the road, traffic will be increased, the customer will also increase. And drain is currently open, smell, mosquitoes, in the rainy season is overflowing sewage, drainage ditch the new building will completely solve these problems. In addition, the construction team will the erection of temporary bridge, through the convenience of customers.

The shopkeeper finally agreed to the construction. After a week, the shop door hull. The owner is very happy, the initiative to come to apologize for the behavior before, also put forward to the construction team to use him in a clearing along the road, as a stock or abandoned quarry.

A problem solved, new problems appeared. "This season is particularly dry, easy to produce dust during the construction, and the local environmental protection bureau requirements all dust processing, very difficult." Wang Huiqiang told reporters: "we will deploy more staff during the dry season, on the one hand cleaning dust on the road, a rental car sprinkler, in the project along the all-weather sprinkler, ensure no dust."

The Guyana Department of public infrastructure is very strict on the quality supervision of road. According to Wang Huiqiang introduction, the configuration of the more than 20 supervision company to project, each of the processes are supervised. The road from the grassroots to filling surface spreading, test only supervision witness of up to 23 times. Very satisfied with the project director Francisco Perez Chinese on Corporate Performance: "Chinese not only pay attention to the speed, also attaches great importance to quality, all the evaluation results are" excellent "!"

"This kind of experience and learn technology to greatly increase my competitiveness"

"Guyana mechanic is lacking, some jobs are not even. If we want to build fine pavement, can not find the grader driver technical clearance." De Mohlala east coast road upgrading project leader Takazawa Ryo told reporters. "Our approach is from the Chinese hired mechanic by Chinese workers to teach local workers."

The 30 year old rum Dean lived not far from the site of the village, in the China construction team recruitment is employed as a laborer, for moving things. Slowly, I found that he Chinese work seriously, studious and cheerful, and actively assist the communication China foreman and Guyana workers, so he strengthened training, teach many of its technology.

"In order to give full play to the talents of Ram Dean, our exceptional promotion for his work with his captain, a construction team, set up independent working face." Wang Huiqiang told reporters. The original China foreman with local workers on earth because of the language barrier, will have some misunderstanding, Ram Dean is a good solution to this kind of contradiction. His team is also in the Chinese culture, the construction method of higher technical difficulty. Now, rum Dean not only among the best in the personal income of foreign workers, he led the team but also the emergence of a lot of outstanding staff and management team.

Rum Deane CRFG followed for a year, he said his biggest change is more confident. "In the work of an international contractor, this kind of experience and learned that technology greatly increased my competitiveness, income and jobs have increased, which makes me feel proud and family!"

(the Georgetown electric)

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"People's Daily" (09 November 2018 22 Edition)
(Cao Kun Chang, commissioning editor: Malaysia)

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