"The Chinese have changed our destiny"

Searl became Mozambique's first native Chinese teachers - could become a foreign insurance salesman from translation - from the unknown future to regain confidence Oujia

Yu Hua Cheng

11 month 2018 years 09 days from 05:18: 138479.xyz: People's Daily Overseas Edition

Searl (left two) and the bride in the wedding scene with Confucius Teachers College photo.

Murphy (right) obtained from the 2017 outstanding staff title.
(Confucius, this picture by the Mozambican Richmond University for laane)

Europe and the United States (in) in the education exhibition China culture as.

In the country, there is a group of students, because the establishment of a Kong Zi school, came into contact with chinese. In the training of Chinese teachers under the China, they changed their own destiny.

To realize the value of life

The first story called Searl. He is young and his father married brother, living in the home, "when I was young, my biggest dream is to have a home".

February 23, 2018 is Searl's wedding day, on behalf of the Teachers College of Mozambique University Confucius Ormond Rahner attended his wedding, he married the joy of sharing. The bride is a beautiful girl in Ethiopia, and Searl met in a class Chinese to study on the plane. The girl sitting on his ortho go the same, they are learning Chinese University -- Zhejiang Normal University. Have a beautiful wife, Searl think this is his gift to learn Chinese, but also the fate of God in his providence.

Today, Searl not only have their own homes, there is an enviable job, became Mozambique's first native Chinese teachers.

4 years ago, Searl graduated from Mond Lane college French translation professional, in a local small private school to teach children in French, the salary is not high. One day, he learned Chinese students want to get together to Mozambique University Confucius School of Richmond Rahner learning Chinese, pulled Searl with him. In the process of learning, Searl students give up halfway, he was a wonderful character deeply attracted and won a scholarship to study in Chinese.

In order to learn Chinese, Searl 3 did not return, qinxuekulian, eventually become. 3 years, Searl won the excellent achievements of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) 6 certificates, Chinese International Master of education degree; 2017 years before graduation, he attended the Hanban organized the "Chinese teaching hero" competition, get 32 good results; after returning home, Searl Confucius Mond Lane school appointed as Mozambique's first local Chinese teachers.

Searl very cherish this not easily won work, commitment and achieved impressive results in a short period of time. By 2017, he led the students in the guidance of the "Chinese Bridge" Chinese game world middle school won the African champion. This is the middle school students in Mozambique for the first time to participate in the Chinese Bridge Competition, caused a stir in the local.

For Searl, learning Chinese is not only let him realize the dream of home, but also to realize the value of life. Now, he has become many local Chinese students life idol.

Bring new jobs

"Very nervous just do translation, palms are sweating. Now the work experience of many Chinese, improve, work more handy." It is very famous in Mozambique, a Portuguese insurance company, as Chinese marketing manager of the Portuguese translation, very satisfied with the Chinese manager Mr. Jian Hong in his work.

In learning Chinese, Murphy graduated from Mozambique Education University de laane French mongolia. Because not to find a job after graduation, is a salesman in the insurance company, the street, from door to door selling insurance, work very hard.

A chance, have heard that Mond Lane established the Kong Zi Institute of university. For the love of language, he tried to report the Chinese training class. That he did not expect that, I fell in love with Chinese, also won a scholarship to study in China.

Study hard is obtained through the efforts of Mozambique in 2016 the first college students "Chinese Bridge" contest. This brought him new jobs into the company's Translation -- from a salesman.

More than 1 years of work have become mature and that translation has not had the aptitude, shy and tender. That said, if you do not learn Chinese, he might still be doing the insurance salesman, but did not dare to imagine what life would be like tomorrow. "I am very satisfied with the current work, it not only let me have a satisfactory salary, I also have the opportunity to contact all kinds of talents, broadens my horizon. I hope to have the chance to study abroad Chinese, let my dream go farther!" Murphy said.

Confidence by learning Chinese

"In Chinese studying for 1 years, I not only know a lot of new friends, understand the Chinese culture, and my Chinese level has been greatly improved." Europe and the United States is the 2017 Mozambique college students "Chinese Bridge" contest, this petite girl has China from abroad to continue walking on the road to realize their dreams in life.

During Chinese study, Oujia course score more than 90 points, including two door to 100 points. She also became my heart "Curve Wrecker".

Mozambique Oujia Richmond laane University in 2016 the first Chinese professional students, the class is only one of the two girls. Before she graduated from a local high school occupation, did not find a job after graduation, the future is unknown.

And when it comes to Chinese fate, Oujia said: "my grandmother is China hypertension medical team doctor cured by traditional Chinese medicine, so I love the China." Europe and the United States since the childhood and grandmother, grandmother also encouraged Ojai to learn chinese. From the first contact with the Chinese, like to swim in the sea Oujia fish swim in the sea of chinese.

My love for Chinese and not yield to fate, Oujia studies very hard. Oujia grandmother said: "there is a period of time, I thought my little Oujia crazy, even eat, on the toilet, her hand from his book". To finally return to Ojai teachers and students in honors, won a scholarship to study abroad 1 years China.

Future plans to continue to read China Oujia master of Chinese international education, "my biggest dream is to become Mozambique's first Chinese female teachers, let people know we're as good girl". Let my self-confidence in learning Chinese from Europe and the United States also opened a new chapter, her life. Wish you success Oujia can give the girl a confidence.

Along with the economic and cultural communication between Mo more closely, I believe Mozambique will emerge more and more "or" "Searl" and "oujia"!

(Yuan Bo Chang, commissioning editor: Malaysia)

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