Aliexpress and Ingrid, Spanish Department to carry out comprehensive cooperation

China business platform to help catch the Spanish "double 11" express

In November 2018 09, 08:08 source: International Channel
 China business platform to help catch the Spanish in Madrid on 8 November, (reporter Jiang Bo) in the "double 11" on the eve, fast selling debut in Spain's largest retail group Ingrid, department stores within the flash store day ago, more than 20 kinds of Spain and China brand merchandise on display in the flash store, in addition to Spanish consumers can live close to experience these goods, you can also live scan two-dimensional code, get coupons, or purchase orders on the spot.

According to the aliexpress Spain Branch Manager Ye Ping introduced, in order to better serve the local consumers, aliexpress and Ingrid, department store recently officially launched a comprehensive cooperation, in addition to the flash store opening, Ingrid, department stores also to aliexpress opened its national line since the question, this is also the first company to third open points. In addition, Ingrid's department store's own brand Unit has also settled aliexpress platform, multi category covering clothing, Home Furnishing, textile etc..

Ingrid, department store is Spain's largest retail group, the group in Spain the country has 94 department stores and convenience stores, gas station, more than 6700 points. Ingrid, Department of international sales manager Manuel? Dominguez told reporters that the flash store opening is Ingrid, group for the first time and innovation cooperation aliexpress platform for exploration. The future of the two sides will in many fields, such as limitation of logistics business in-depth cooperation, to better meet the needs of local consumers.

In recent years, aliexpress in Spain, the rapid development of the market, the market share rising. At present, aliexpress in Spain has more than 7 million 700 thousand registered users, many fans also spontaneously formed social groups to share shopping experience and experience, involving many fields 3C, beauty, fashion, baby, outdoor etc.. In order to optimize the local consumer experience, aliexpress also by strengthening cooperation with the Spanish post, to achieve a significantly improved the efficiency of logistics, cross-border aging is shortened from 28 days to 14-15 days, and the warehouse goods, the average tuotou aging can be controlled within 3 days. In addition, aliexpress platform in January this year opened a free logistics line, greatly shorten the time in the seller side Lanshou, to 48 hours from the original 5-7 days, line delivery accounted for 70% of the whole Spanish goods, the average daily amount of more than 100 thousand, and the investment information can be tracked properly. With the "double 11" is approaching, the Spanish consumers through aliexpress platform on a wide variety of promotions and promotions get tangible benefits.

In addition to the local consumers to bring convenience and benefits, aliexpress platform for local enterprises has brought new opportunities for development. In the Spanish market sweeping robot swept the local appliance brand in the sale of Cecotec as an example, through cooperation with the speed of a few months time, the average price of 90 euros in sales of sweeping robot on this platform has doubled. In the future, Cecotec plans on aliexpress by starting new, exclusive custom, social operation and local consumers more interaction. With the aliexpress coverage of the market more and more broad, more and more Spanish companies and brands through aliexpress platform, not only on the "double 11" express, also won a larger development space.

(commissioning editor: Xu Dan (Intern), Fan Haixu)

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