The California bar shootings gunmen suspected mental problems

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Comprehensive report, local time on the evening of 7, a bar in California Thousand Oaks shooting, killing 13 people including the gunman were killed. The authorities said the suspect is a 28 year old veteran, he believed in the Dutch act after the attack, it is unclear whether this case associated with terrorism.

According to reports, the gunman at around 11:20 in the evening in California Thousand Oaks "boundary line" bar, then shot. At that time, many students shop, a mess, students panic ran to the door to escape, the last 12 people were killed, including a police rushed to the scene.

California Ventura County Sheriff Dean said at a press conference at the scene, "like hell", the identity of the suspect has been identified, Marine Corps veteran Ron, who is dead. Dean said: "we think he is Dutch act."

Dean said the authorities still don't know Ron's motive, and whether the case is associated with terrorism. He said, the suspect appears to be randomly selected target.

Dean said that the police in recent years and has long had several contacts, all is for the sake of little things, including traffic crashes, and he in 2015 at a local bar was beaten.

He said, in April this year, the police had received a report to Ron's home treatment caused uproar event, found him "not to act too rational". Because Ron is a veteran police think he may have PTSD, therefore informed the crisis management team and mental health experts to talk with him.

Dean said, according to the letter of Ron carrying a pistol attack, first shot the station outside the shop in a guard, and then into the store, the first shot another security right and several employees, and then fired at random killing. The victims included a policeman, "he went into the store to save, finally died".

11 in addition to the identity of the deceased has not been identified. He said, in addition to 10 injured.

At the time of the shooting, "edge" bar is held "University Village night", at least hundreds of people live. Witnesses said the gunmen wearing a black windbreaker, broke into the scene after several throwing smoke bombs, began to fire.

Thousand Oaks, more than 50 kilometers away from Losangeles, the shootings shocked the parties. CNN (CNN) reported that the Thousand Oaks city mayor Fawkes said, Thousand Oaks is regarded as "one of the nation's most safe place, the lowest crime rate per capita, the proud, but still the aftermath of the massacre, deeply helpless.

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