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- President Xi Jinping's visit to Portugal from all walks of life positive evaluation results

In December 2018 06, 04:41 source: People's daily

In from December 4th to 5th, President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to portugal. During the visit, the two sides issued a joint statement, and reached broad consensus on bilateral relations, China EU relations and international and regional issues of common concern, signed between the two governments and decided to build a "The Belt and Road" memorandum of cooperation. President Xi Jinping's visit has aroused widespread concern in the local. Local media generally believe that in February next year will usher in the Sino Portuguese relations on the occasion of 40th anniversary, President Xi's visit has opened up a broader space for the friendly cooperation between the two countries, and further enrich the connotation of bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership.

"To promote the sustained development of bilateral economic and social in portugal"

In December 5th, the Portuguese "Daily News" headlines report on President Xi Jinping visit and allotment photos. The report pointed out that the leaders of the two countries are looking forward to strengthen cooperation in various fields. Portuguese President Sousa said that the Sino Portuguese cultural, scientific and technological cooperation is increasing, the economic and trade cooperation more closely, "I hope the future of the two countries can further deepen our relationship, promote the sustainable development of bilateral economic and social in portugal."

"President Xi Jinping's visit is of great significance to the development of bilateral relations, Portugal Lisbon Macao science and cultural center director Luis Philip Barreto told reporters, since ancient times is the Portuguese and European contact China hub, the two sides through the maritime Silk Road trade. "Portugal is willing to continue to be China contact with Europe 'bridge', link the Chinese, Africa and Latin america."

Lisbon university professor Antonio Santos Quiroz told reporters that Portugal, Portugal and Chinese once through the maritime Silk Road to communicate exchanges, mutual understanding and trust with foundation, Portugal was the first country in the EU and China formally established the "blue partnership" of the country. "President Xi Jinping proposed the two countries to carry out maritime cooperation," pioneer blue economy ", which is not only conducive to the sustainable development of the economy of the two countries, but also for the benefit of mankind, I am happy for the conduct of marine cooperation with Portugal Chinese, hope I can do something for the Portuguese ocean cooperation."

"Provides the opportunity for a better understanding of Chinese portugal"

"President Xi Jinping visited Portugal is a great opportunity in Lisbon and Beijing." The Portuguese radio and television website reported that during President Xi Jinping's visit to Portugal, the two countries signed a series of cooperation documents, which plays an important role in promoting the further cooperation between the two sides in the future.

Portuguese trade and investment promotion bureau chairman Luis Castro Enriquez said that President Xi Jinping's visit is very important for portugal. Portugal is the European debt crisis. Recent statistics show that the Portuguese economy began to develop, China investment in Portugal to boost economic recovery has played an important role in portugal. Chairman Xi Jinping's visit to further strengthen bilateral economic and trade exchanges, promote the common development of both sides.

Portugal loyalty insurance CEO Correa told reporters that the development of trade and investment relations, the key is to establish on the basis of mutual understanding. "President Xi Jinping's visit to Portugal to better understand Chinese offers opportunities." He is looking forward to the future development of the common prosperity of the two countries.

During the visit, President Xi Jinping and President Sousa visited the Ajuda National Palace held the "maritime Silk Road" of the Imperial Palace cultural relics exhibition. Ajuda National Palace Museum Rick Bello said in an interview with this reporter, President Xi Jinping is very concerned about the exchanges between the two countries in the field of humanities, President Xi Jinping's visit to Portugal and signed to build "The Belt and Road" memorandum of cooperation, provide a huge opportunity and impetus to bilateral cultural cooperation. Portugal and China have a broad space for cooperation, China has many "experts" in the field of culture, cultural cooperation and China, which can enrich the academic research on the two countries, will also promote the friendship between the two peoples.

"The Belt and Road will bring more benefits to the people of portugal"

"The two sides to build" signed the Sino Portuguese government The Belt and Road "memorandum of understanding" as an opportunity to comprehensively strengthen cooperation within the framework of The Belt and Road ", to promote interoperability." Said President Xi Jinping held talks in December 4th with President Sosa. Sousa said, "the Portuguese support The Belt and Road" initiative, will become the Silk Road and the maritime Silk Road hub in europe.

To build a "The Belt and Road signed" memorandum of cooperation, marking the two countries has become an important partner to build a "The Belt and Road". "President Xi Jinping's visit to Portugal," The Belt and Road 'initiatives taken by my country, I feel that in recent years the dream has been realized." Miniu University Political Science Research Center of Portugal "The Belt and Road" expert Paul Duarte said excitedly, "The Belt and Road" will bring more benefits to Portugal people." He said, "The Belt and Road" initiative is to focus on the future of the project, the benefit of every country, in my opinion, this is an effective way to bring peace to most parts of the world, is the best embodiment of Chinese power play".

The Portuguese "Daily News" editor in chief Ferreira Fernandez said in an interview with this reporter, signed to build "The Belt and Road" memorandum of understanding, that closer ties at the western end of Eurasia China, Portugal is willing to work with countries.

"To build" signed between the government The Belt and Road 'memorandum of cooperation as an opportunity, the president Xi Jinping visit for cooperation between the two countries in the "The Belt and Road" in the construction of opened up a broader space." Portugal China Cooperation Development Association Secretary General Antonio Quiroz said the reporter, "The Belt and Road" cooperation is fully inclusive, it provides many opportunities for countries including Portugal along. With the help of Portugal in the European gateway location, China cooperation with Europe will be due to President Xi Jinping's visit more vibrant.

Portugal China expert Fernanda Ilieu said, "The Belt and Road" initiative is a new mode of economic cooperation, a far-reaching impact on international cooperation. Portugal and China signed to build "The Belt and Road" memorandum of understanding on cooperation between the two countries in economic and cultural fields will play an important guiding role, and will promote the Portuguese, and the Portuguese speaking countries in Europe and China cooperation.

(Lisbon, December 5, reporter Pei Guangjiang, Wang Hailin, Feng Xuejun, Wang Di, Zhang Yuannan, Wang Yunsong)

"People's Daily" (06 December 2018 02 Edition)

(commissioning editor: Bai Yu)

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