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In December 2018 06, 05:00 source: People's Daily Overseas Edition

In June 12, 2017, the capital of Panama in the Chinese community in Panama City, the establishment of diplomatic relations in Panama and the people China celebration shooting fireworks.
Mauricio Barron Zuela photo (Xinhua News Agency)

Recently, the Latin American relations is like a fiery, passionate tango. In from December 2nd to 3rd, in Argentina to attend the group of twenty (G20) leaders of the thirteenth summit, President Xi Jinping Chinese have a state visit to Argentina and Panama.

This is Xi Jinping China became president after the fourth visit to Latin America, but also the nineteen after the first president Xi Jinping's visit to Latin America, second visits to Afghanistan, with Chinese Panama after the establishment of diplomatic relations for the first time visit to Pakistan, have milepost significance to lead a new era of development in Latin American relations.



The heads of diplomatic lead bilateral relations

Xi Jinping visited Argentina and Panama between the two countries, bilateral relations and Chinese really let the two Latin American countries and a "fire".

According to Argentina's "horn" reports, Chinese President Xi Jinping started a state visit to Argentina in Argentina to attend the twenty G20 summit in Buenos Aires at the same time. Argentina's president Macri awarded the "liberator Saint Martin medal to Xi Jinping necklace".

Reported that Ma Kerrey spoke highly of Xi Jinping during the visit of 30 cooperation agreements signed between the two countries, and said that the visit will be based on mutual trust to bring greater impetus to the development of bilateral relations.

"Panama star" website published an article saying that Chinese President Xi Jinping began a state visit to Panama, this is a milepost in Panama in the history of international relations. This is not only because the visit broke the legacy of the cold war pattern, because it lets the small Panama and has more than 13 people were contacted Chinese.

6 2017, Panama and China formally established diplomatic relations, "one and a half years, China Pakistan Relations started strong cooperation in various fields such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, like Potuerchu, thrive".

"Xi Jinping on a state visit to Argentina and Panama, the development of Latin American relations promoted greatly exceeded expectations." China Latin American History Association, vice president of Nankai University professor Wang Ping recently in Argentina to attend the conference, witnessed the enthusiastic response to the society of Argentina to visit Xi Jinping.

Behind the warming of relations, is real in the bilateral cooperation.

According to the Latin American news agency reported that Argentina and Chinese took important steps in the bilateral agenda. The two countries signed in December 2nd between the government of the joint action plan (2019-2023), planning a road map for the cooperation in a number of countries in the field of.

Reported that, after Xi Jinping and Ma Kerrey held a meeting, the two sides issued a joint statement, involving infrastructure, agriculture, mineral, energy, finance, transportation and other fields.

"Panama today", with Xi Jinping's visit, Bazhong will take a huge step "". This may have many possibilities: the two sides FTA negotiations to accelerate, the Embassy in Panama confirmed China last site assessment consultation process Cologne project...... The government of Panama, which is a sovereign is not affected by the historic opportunity, because no China with "imperialist attitude", but showing friendship.

"The heads of diplomacy is an important window to observe a country diplomatic idea." Chinese foundation for international studies, director of the Latin American Research Center Wu Changsheng told this newspaper that the exchanges and China in Latin America has been adhering to the "equality and mutual benefit and common development" principle. Mainly, one is that we do not interfere in the internal affairs, not to impose political requirements; two is not established or seize others' sphere of influence; the three is to develop relations with Latin American ideology is not used as the standard and premise.

Extension line:

"The Belt and Road boost interconnection

"Chinese new silk road extended to Latin america." Panama's "Star" said that during Xi Jinping's visit to Pakistan, the two countries signed about 20 agreements covering trade, culture, tourism, education, agriculture, maritime cooperation etc..

"Cherry diplomacy", Deutsche Welle reported that Argentina has signed an agreement to export to China cherry honey and pork, export agreement in the negotiations. The German "focus" magazine said, China investment is regarded as to the economic and financial crisis in Argentina in the country "timely assistance".

The Silk Road "express" to narrow the distance between the two sides, "Cherry diplomacy" tangible benefits.

Panama's agriculture minister Kles said that the Bazhong agricultural cooperation agreement signed will substantially increase the income of farmers and Pakistan, solve more jobs.

"The Belt and Road again" powder "in Latin america. Both heads of state meeting, or joint statement, Chinese and Argentina and Panama to enhance the "The Belt and Road cooperation ideas, get a warm response between the two countries.

Macri said that Afghanistan firmly committed to deepening the comprehensive strategic partnership with China, strengthen the "The Belt and Road" within the framework of cooperation. Panama's president Barrera said that Pakistan support to build a "The Belt and Road, look forward to work with China to strengthen investment and cooperation in the field of transportation, Port Free Trade zone.

"The Belt and Road 'broad prospects for cooperation, Afghanistan and Pakistan have their own advantages. Argentina is a big country in Latin America and emerging market countries, the common interests of the deep foundation and Chinese. Pakistan is to build "The Belt and Road 'natural partner, Pakistan" 2030 national logistics strategy "with China to build" The Belt and Road' initiative highly fit. Last year, during President Barrera's visit to China, Panama became the first "The Belt and Road signed" memorandum of cooperation with the Latin American and Caribbean countries China." Wu Changsheng said that Xi Jinping's trip to Latin America is Chinese in the world to promote "an important step in The Belt and Road" specific landing.

"The Belt and Road" initiative in Latin America why popular?

"Latin American economies are highly complementary, can effective docking capacity, to achieve interoperability. As the largest emerging economies, China market provides opportunities for the development of the Latin American economy, Chinese investment to make up for the short board of the shortage of capital in Latin america." China Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Latin American Studies and political research director Yang Jianmin told this newspaper that Latin America is the extension of the maritime Silk Road "nature," The Belt and Road "party building is very important.

Wang Ping said that Latin American countries own strong desire for development, but faces many practical difficulties, the biggest challenge is the fragile economic structure, weak industrial base, in the Middle Income Trap cycle, strong dependence on external markets, poor infrastructure. The China "The Belt and Road" initiative, the concept of fit the development needs of China Unicom infrastructure in Latin America, "The Belt and Road" including the successful practice of European countries in Central Asia, West Asia, Southeast Asia, in Latin American countries are very attraction and appeal.

A new blueprint:

Open a new chapter of cooperation in Latin America

Pull the attention of the world; the relationship between the warm current surges, pull cooperation in future period, broad prospects.

"China and Latin America are far apart, but since entering the new century, bilateral relations have made rapid development in the development of bilateral relations of strategic opportunities, both in the capital, technology, resources and capacity advantages of docking." Wu Changsheng said that in the future, to use the pull of strategic opportunities, give full play to the leading role of The Belt and Road construction, realize the pull of both complementary advantages of resources, moving in the direction of the pull of fate.

In July 2014 the first president Xi Jinping's visit to Argentina, the relations between the two countries to enhance the comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation between the two sides, set off a boom. This year, President Xi Jinping will visit Argentina again, to deepen the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries, planning is of great significance for future cooperation prospects.

According to Panama's TNV television reported, local time on December 3rd, Xi Jinping visited the Panama Canal to the Pacific side of the new locks, lock cory. The Panama Canal officials said Eddie, the Panama Canal's revenue increased from the free trade. China is global China defenders, the importance of the Panama Canal, highlighting the Chinese for the maintenance of global free trade efforts.

"Panama star" website evaluation, and China development, not only in the trade provides a huge market for Panama, and give Panama a more important role and ability to protect themselves. The article said that the Chinese president's visit will make Panama into a new international reality, in which Panama will face new possibilities.

Wang Ping said that Latin American countries are developing countries, is an area of market economy is relatively concentrated, support economic globalization and multilateralism. Latin American relations good development contributes to a better combination of global power, maintaining multilateralism and trade mechanism, oppose unilateralism and trade protectionism.

Of course, the Latin American relations still faces many challenges in the future. In this regard, Wu Changsheng said, one is no matter how the external factors change, we should maintain a strategic concentration, unswervingly develop relations with Latin america. Two is to enhance political mutual trust, deepen cultural exchanges, promote the people connected.

Yang Jianmin thinks, to strengthen cultural exchanges and local convenience, pull personnel exchanges and consolidate public opinion relations between the two countries. In international affairs to strengthen communication, deepen coordination and cooperation in the United Nations, the world trade organization, pull forum and other multilateral mechanisms and jointly cope with protectionism, unilateralism and other challenges, and jointly promote the construction of new international relations and open world economy, better safeguard the common interests of developing countries, to build a common destiny of mankind.

(commissioning editor: Bai Yu)

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