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In December 2018 06, 05:04 source: People's Daily Overseas Edition

The day before, "the Portuguese 2018 Chinese Film Week held in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon," China "" partner Mekong action "," Wolf Totem "" we are born in Chinese "" bainiaozhaofeng "and 7 films attend screenings, for the Sino Portuguese cultural exchanges have added a colorful.

Since this year, Portugal held a number of Chinese and related cultural exchange activities. In November 26th, "the wisdom of Confucius" cultural exhibition held at the Confucius School of the University of Lisbon, exhibited more than 60 pictures to the Portuguese audience a comprehensive introduction to the Chinese ancient thinkers of Confucius's life story and he founded confucianism.

In October 1st, northern Portugal's second largest city of Oporto hundred years old Valero Bookstore held "China day" activities, attracted many tourists and local people.

Chinese in Portuguese Embassy Cultural counsellor Shu Jianping said, this activity not only reflects the status of bilateral friendly relations, also shows that Chinese cultural influence abroad more and more, the activities will help to further promote the Sino Portuguese folk cultural exchange.

The exchange of film and television industry has become an important part of the Sino Portuguese cultural exchange. In September 6th, the "image China" broadcast ceremony and China TV drama "feather fly" launch ceremony held in Lisbon. Attended the launch ceremony of the Portuguese Parliament in Portugal friendship group member Antonio Gameiro said in his speech, the event is an important outcome of the Sino Portuguese media cooperation, China TV series for the first time in Portugal on the floor has an important commemorative significance, is a positive cultural exchange in portuguese.

In recent years, China and Portuguese cultural exchanges have become increasingly frequent, the cooperation between the two countries in cultural exchanges and education continue to increase, the Portuguese people interested in China and Chinese culture has become increasingly strong.

In the efforts of Confucius college, the number of Portuguese learning Chinese increased year by year, the number of students to Chinese learning Portuguese is also growing.

The deepening of cooperation in the field of humanities, not only to build a bridge between the two people connected to exchange communion, also provides a strong impetus for the comprehensive development of bilateral relations.

Next year is China and Portugal established diplomatic relations 40th anniversary. Portugal will be in other countries held cultural festival to be celebrated, such as Chinese National Peking opera will be staged in Lisbon "fugitive", the Imperial Palace museum will hold "East West rhyme, the Forbidden City and the maritime Silk Road Exhibition in Lisbon, Chinese ballet in Oporto and Lisbon show etc..

Shu Jianping said, with the Sino Portuguese cultural exchange activities increased gradually, China influence is also growing. He said that the Chinese cultural center will be formally established in Lisbon next year, it is important to further strengthen cultural exchanges between China and Portugal, will make more contribution to promote the overall development of bilateral relations.


(commissioning editor: Bai Yu)

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