Syria shadow play into the intangible cultural heritage list last artists "survival"

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Syria, capital of Damascus has a dark, crowded. A bright beam of light hit the silk screen, leaving the "karakoz" and "ayvaz" figure "". Saddi Halach crouched behind the scenes, while manipulating both cortical pole figures, while say.

Kazakhstan Rudge published in 5, said in an interview: "3 to 5 days ago, shadow play is a not the art of life. We intend to rely on it to earn a living now."

The United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization last week the Syria shadow play in the "world intangible cultural heritage list, called for the Syrian people to protect the gradual decline of traditional art.

Kazakhstan Rudge informed of the news, in Lebanon, there is the Syria children's show. He said that UNESCO officials came to congratulate, "like a dream". Soon, the 43 year old artist returned to Damascus, 3 evening for the hometown people show up.

Talk about a puppet in the hands of Kazakhstan, Rudge said, "karakoz innocent and charming, his friend Avaz is clever, they should attention, will eventually be concerned".

As a main character, Carla Kotiz short stature, wearing a red hat and a moustache ayvaz storage. Some in the audience said, the couple is typical of Damascus, some people think that they are from Turkey.

Two people appeared in the curtain alley, walking and talking, with witty words about the social phenomenon, the audience laugh. The debut and female character, talking animal, sometimes white, music.

"In the cafe, my audience of young and old, including 3 years old children and old man." Kazakhstan Rudge told the Agence France-Presse reporter, "in Syria, no one like me in this art."

The civil war in Syria before the beginning of 2011, he was one of the few "the last generation" shadow artist. Halaqi from father, 1993 began to perform, shortly after the civil war started by the Syrian Lebanese border fled to Lebanon, lost most of shadow puppets and props. He was a taxi, the last two years of working life. He said that in recent years in different places and played a few games, there is no fixed number.

Syria shadow play is often performed in a cafe. Kazakhstan Rudge said that Syrian made of cowhide with shadow puppet, with color cloth puppet adult clothing, decorative watercolor details, so as to be able to light "".

This art has a hundred years of history in Syria, covering about, satire, vocal music and poetry form. According to the UNESCO statement, Syria people fled their homes to escape the war, coupled with the digital entertainment is more popular, so this art fell into the "urgent protection".

Syria Culture Department official Lasha Ballyhum said, ha Rudge is held in Damascus, expected in the next six months of training a group of artists, to ensure that the art of "live".

"Rudge said," I thought (I) will burn the two dolls ", now" a bright future waiting for them in Syria. I'll bring them in the national tour". (Zhao Manjun) (Xinhua special feature)

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