"Yellow vest" movement that has had seriously disturbed the French life

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Comprehensive report 138479.xyz recently, the French "yellow vest" movement intensified, has become a serious conflict and unrest, and even spread to France from Paris city around the country as well as other European countries. This is the original intention of the movement to protest the government to improve the fuel tax, against the price rise, but was soon out of control toward the evolution of serious riots, resulting in a large number of cars were burned, public traffic paralysis, the store was vandalism, even the famous Champs Elysees street was not spared, the French cultural landmark triumph covered with graffiti, street diffuse a tear gas and fire burning choking odor.

According to the German "Der Spiegel" reported that the French environment minister Luigi announced that 5 local time, the government has canceled 2019 years to raise fuel tax plan. Luigi said the plan was implemented by next year 1 month 1 days, has been completely removed in the 2019 year plan. He said that once the protest concerns stop, it will restart the adjustment plan, this is done in order to reduce people's concerns.

French Prime Minister Philip 4, announced the extension increases the fuel tax in order to appease the anger of the "yellow vest" protesters, but had turned against President Mucklow and wealthy tax policy people are not buying it, shouting "don't want the bread crumbs!"

In addition to the "yellow vest" protest, has two railway workers' Union called on employees Sunday 22 to start a new round of strike.

"Yellow vest" movement for nearly 3 weeks, has seriously interfered with people's daily lives. The French oil supply has been a serious problem, the 4 night the more than 700 gas station in some or all of the lack of oil off the oil situation. Public opinion, even if the government now concessions, the movement of the "legacy" is also very difficult to eliminate.

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