In the Japanese military aircraft collided 1 people rescued 6 people unaccounted for

In December 2018 06, from 14:38: International Channel

People hearing, according to Kyodo News Agency reported, local time 6 days before and after 1:40 in the morning, belonging to Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture of Japan US Marines Iwakuni base KC-130 air refueling aircraft and FA-18 fighter in Kochi Muroto Misaki to touch about 100 km after falling over on the sea. The defense ministry informed the above information from the U.S. military.

Ministry of Defense said that before and after 5:20 in the morning, the air self defense force search aircraft found 1 players on the sea, the sea before and after 5:45 by helicopter to the U.S. Iwakuni base.

US Marine Corps said that the 2 military aircraft was being trained, KC-130 high of 5 people, 2 people FA-18.

Japan's deputy chief Nishimura Yasuminori 6 in the morning in the residence of the prime minister told the media: "I heard so far at sea no (ships) damaged, 1 people were rescued in stable condition."

(commissioning editor Jia Wenting and Yang Mu)

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