Chinese Chinese Foreign Journalists Association held 40 years of reform and opening up "the focus news cafe"

2018 years 12 months 06 days from 16:30: International Channel
 In December 4th, Chinese Journalists Association held a news cafe
In December 4th, Chinese Journalists Association held a news cafe". Renmin University of China University of International Relations China Diplomatic Interpretation of "Vice President Jin Canrong 40 years of reform and opening up". ( reporter Jia Wenting photo) Beijing on 5 December, (Jia Wenting, Luo Bingqian) Chinese HKJA held 4 News cafes, foreign Chinese invited 40 years of reform and opening up the interpretation of the "Jin Canrong vice president of the University of International Relations Renmin University of China". Jin Canrong believes that a new era of foreign China showing new features, more aggressive, be enthusiastic and press on. The construction of a community of destiny, compelling human cooperation and win-win new international relations diplomacy, "the construction of The Belt and Road", to protect the interests of overseas, actively participate in global governance is the powerful practice of foreign philosophy.

The new era of China's diplomacy has eight new features

The party's eighteen since the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the new trend of deep insight into the world trend, grasp the new changes in the international situation, standing in the forefront of the times, combined with the new situation China international status and development of the new requirements, while maintaining the continuity of foreign based on the fundamental policy, proposed a series of new ideas, new ideas and new initiatives, and actively promote the Chinese characteristic diplomacy theory and practice innovation.

Jin Canrong believes that the historical changes of the new era China task, in order to adapt to the new changes, a new era of diplomacy China presents 8 new features.

One is the guiding ideology. By keeping a low profile to be enthusiastic and press on.

The two is the location. The geopolitical change from big country of East Asia as a world power. Of the party since eighteen, President Xi Jinping proposed to build Chinese characteristic diplomacy concept, which means that the change of China diplomatic orientation.

The third is the style. The low-key into positive enterprising.

The four is the concept of. The most striking change is put forward these ideas, namely the construction of a community of destiny, human cooperation and win-win new international relations, open world economy to build innovation inclusive and build global partnership network etc..

The five is China launched the "The Belt and Road" initiative.

The six is the way. The implementation of the "double track", "double track system" is Chinese hand in the existing international system and actively participate in international affairs, promote the creation of a new global governance mechanism on the other hand, the existing system, such as new construction and development of investment bank and bank.

The seven is the practice. Of the party since eighteen, China's diplomatic practice of adding new content: the first is "The Belt and Road"; the second is to protect the interests of overseas; the third is to strengthen cultural exchanges, speak good story China, improve China overseas image; fourth is to actively participate in global governance.

The eight is China provides a new philosophy of global governance. In September 26, 2015, President Xi Jinping at the UN summit on development systematically describes the global governance scheme of China. The global governance philosophy compared with the United States, there are four different points. First of all, the United States forever in the United States and its allies interests as the center, and Chinese is centered on the United Nations; secondly, the United States on security affairs in global governance, and will be the first in the development of China; again, Chinese that countries of different size, different interests, different responsibilities, but the status of equality, is committed to to build a global partnership network; finally, Chinese adhere to non-interference in the internal affairs.

China will accelerate the modernization of human to a fourth industrial revolution

40 years of reform and opening up Chinese, Chinese people in Chinese under the strong leadership of the Communist Party, the Chinese nation rich from stand up, to the great process of strong historical leap. The brilliant course of 40 years of reform and opening up, while the rest of the world is the great practice of Chinese.

Jin Canrong said that the reform and opening up China mainly includes the following aspects: the contribution to the world. First of all, Chinese reform to solve many problems of poverty. Over the past 40 years, Chinese at least 600 million people out of poverty and promote human progress. Secondly, China reform and opening up has brought the success of industrialization. China industrialization success will expand the industrial human population more than doubled, and to help "The Belt and Road along the country to realize industrialization. In today's world of the greatest fact that Chinese achieved industrialization, industrialization brings the largest human. Finally, China will accelerate the modernization of human beings in the four industrial revolution. The four industrial revolution due to Chinese participation will come sooner, and participate in the population will increase.

(commissioning editor Yang Mu and Jia Wenting)

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The new era Chinese provides new opportunities for the development of the global economy The attention of the world, the world's first China expectations, International Import Expo opening soon, the Huangpu River is ushering in the "not normal" historic event. 40 years of reform and opening up, the development of Chinese I. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary historical node of reform and opening up, as China's major decisions to promote a new round of high level of opening up to the first, into the Expo will further to the world that the firm determination Chinese reform does not stop, do not stop open. [details]

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